• Managing Network and all cabling
    Not a problem
    Apex IT Solution will get you covered
  • Apple Mac, Windows or even mixed environment?
    Not a problem
    Apex IT Solution will get you covered
  • Server, AD, Email, Cloud, Storage, Backup Management
    Not a problem
    Apex IT Solution will get you covered

Apex IT Solution is the first point of contact for all of your IT needs. We work hard to take all the IT stress and strain away while ensuring your system runs as it should. We work along with you every day, freeing up time you would spend on resolving IT issues. If there is an IT issue, Apex IT Solution is just phone-call away.

IT Solutions

Apex IT Solution provide a wide range of contracts and ad-hoc support and also maintenance services for Mac and Windows platforms which are built to your needs. We believe you will receive a better level of proactive support than ever before, service that you can fully trust and rely on.


Our IT solution is designed with reliability, awareness and value for money. We deliver first class support for dynamic businesses 24/7 365 days of the year. With our support, your company’s IT infrastructure can stay up to date with new market technologies and services tailored to your budget.

Service Plan

Apex IT Solution aim to provide you with an individual service plan (SP). By understanding your organisation and its requirements, we become a genuine business partner, leading you into trouble-free IT environment within your organisation.

Service Level Agreements

All our support plans include Service Level Agreements (SLA), guaranteeing you specific response time to your technical request. Our ticketing portal helps to manage IT requests and keep users informed on its progress.

Annual Support Plans

Apex IT Solution support plans come in three variations. Our support plans are “BASIC”, “STANDARD” and “PRO”. As you might expect, the Standard support plan has wider coverage than the Basic plan. With Pro and Standard plan you don’t need to be worried about any additional cost. All our SP’s offer remote and telephone support where Standard and Pro plans also include unlimited on-site support. Our IT support is limitless, so we can adjust it to your organisation needs.


If you decide for BASIC support plan, you can benefit from premium rates when you require on-site visit. Server state monitoring.


Choosing PRO support plan cover all benefits of the Standard plan plus quarterly “health checks” to make sure all covered devices are in shape. No additional cost for installing new equipment.

Additional Services

As we are a Managed System Provider (MSP) we offer various advanced services which deliver extra protection for your organisation IT infrastructure.

Cloud Based Spam Filtering

Off-site Backup and replication

Office 365

Out of Hours